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The walls of your home are adorned with photos of your family, loved ones, and maybe even some friends – but what about your best friend? After all, a house is not a home until it has a dog – especially a custom dog portrait that you can add to your gallery wall! 
A House Is Not A Home Until It Has A Dog
Get your pop art dog portrait customized to fit with your interior aesthetic in as little as two short weeks!

As we know it, art is specifically designed to bring life into whatever space it lives in. Be it portraiture, abstraction, or even pop art, art is meant to speak to us. Here at DogFace, we’re looking to help dog lovers bring some of that life into their home décor with our custom dog portraits.
Forget about the standard dog portrait or generic animal wall art that you may find in a department store that looks like your dog, but doesn’t contain the silly quirks, funny facial expressions, and overall personality that really speaks to your relationship with your dog. With your new DogFace portrait, completely immerse yourself into the world of pop art, while you begin to grasp the true nature of your pet’s personality through the artwork.
Remember, art is about connection. If you can’t connect to it, why have it? At DogFace, we’re looking to bring that personal touch and personal value into your home décor because in our minds, it is that feeling of connection that truly makes a home feel alive.
Celebrate the unconditional love you have for your dog by purchasing a completely customized pop art dog portrait. Bring some dog culture into your existing home décor with a work of art that you can connect with visually, physically, and mentally.

- Paulina Connolly 
Table Top Size
Big Dog Size
Great Big Dog Size
30% OFF
Table top size
Retail price of $109
Sale Price $76 
  • 1 custom POP Art Dog portrait for a single dog printed to fit a standard 8x10” frame
Big Dog Size
Retail price of $265 
Sale Price $185.50
  •  1 custom POP Art Dog portrait for a single dog printed to fit a standard 16x20” frame
Great Big Dog Size
Retail price of $525
Sale Price $367.50 
  •  1 custom POP Art Dog portrait for a single dog printed to fit a standard 24x36” frame
What We Do
  • Our custom dog portraits are made custom to order, completely unique to each individual client to ensure that the piece of art you receive is truly representative of your furry friend. At DogFace, we’re always hard at work to ensure that most of our works of art are ready to ship directly to our clients within one week from your order date. 
  • All of our portraits are 100% hand drawn with the traditional pop art aesthetic in mind.  Everything is carefully planned and considered. 
Here’s Our Step-By-Step Guide On How To Order Your Dog Portrait!
  • 1. Select The Buy Now Option: 
  • Choose your desired size of the finished print that you intend to purchase.
  • 2. Place Your Order:
  • Complete the order form and ensure that your payment details are complete.
  • 3. Wait For Delivery:
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email as soon as your order for your custom dog portrait is placed directly from me. Be prepared to receive your portrait within 2 weeks’ time!
And Remember, We Will Always Look At Reference Photos!
  • We know that you want your custom dog portrait to really embody your dog’s unique personality, facial expressions, and physical attributes. Feel free to send over any reference photos that you think may help us paint an accurate picture of your furry friend.
  • Feel free to Email me at or Facebook Message me at popartdog before placing an order to find out if your photo will work for a custom design.

Lucy's Mom
"I Love, love love my portrait of my dog Lucy. Paulina did a terrific job of explaining and showing us the results we would have and the turn around was fantastic! "
- Lindy S
Digger's Mom
"No idea how to take a non-crappy picture on my phone but that didn't matter. You really did wonders. I am so happy to have this pop art piece of Digger :) thank you! "
- Diane C
Stella'S MOM
Paulina is just terrific and really captured Stella beautifully in her piece! I love the colors and couldn't have asked for a more wonderful gift!
- Erica  E.
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